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Where to buy?

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Currently you can find us in the below shops. There’s more to come soon, but until then, there’s always online ordering.

If you clicked here because you would like to carry BerryBon in your own store, then roll no more! Contact Kata Magyar at

Másik Bolt

Kós Károly tér 13. Budapest, 1192


Endorfine Csokoládéüzlet

1053 Budapest, Papnövelde utca 2.
(Papnövelde utca, Cukor utca sarok)
Tel.: +36 (70) 881-9067


MagHáz Étterem


Fenomén Csokoládé Bolt

1052 Budapest, Károly krt. 16.
Tel.: +36 (30) 2100035
Nyitva tartás:
H-P: 10h-19h
Szo: 10h-14h



Harrer Csokoládéműhely és Cukrászda

Sopron, 9400, Faller Jenő utca 4./ Várkerület 73.
Tel: +3699/505-904 



WAMP Vásárok

Téli fesztivál a WAMP design vásáron a NLCafé-val közösen
2016. november 20. 
Millenáris B csarnok
Nyitva tartás: 10 - 18h
A belépés 1000 Ft, amelyből 500 Ft levásárolható
A belépőhöz az első 3000 látogató vászontáskát kap ajándékba!


Online ordering

The internet is a wonderful thing, amongst others, because it allows you to order bonbons online. 

Since we’re still building our hypersonic online store, but don’t want you to have to wait for it, we have devised these 4 steps to order online:

  1. By filling out the below form you can specify the number of boxes of BerryBon you’d like to order (one box contains 9 bonbons and costs 2990 HUF), where we can send them, and other important information
  2. We are going to send you a confirmation email about your order, and attach a prepayment request.
  3. You transfer the amount based on the prepayment request.
  4. After the amount has arrived we let you know and we mail the BerryBons right to your door.


Shipping costs:

For 1-2boxes 635 Ft, 

For 3-11 boxes 1490-1690 Ft

For 12 or more boxes there is free shipping!