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Opening page

Our starting position might be familiar. We. Love. Chocolate.

If one keeps wanting to eat chocolaty delights, one needs a really good reason. That’s why we created a bonbon that has a built-in excuse – because the BerryBon’s fruity filling is not only full of natural antioxidants, but also has a healthy dose of vitamin D3.

An unexpected combination, isn’t it?

That’s where our line comes from: Unexpect Everything! 

When should you have BerryBon?

You can enjoy BerryBon guilt-free, every day:

Create a comforting ritual for starting your day: start with green tea and a BerryBon, so you have a healthy start.

Get a break and get energized! You can slow down with BerryBon even during the day, because a bite of sunshine and the taste of summer fruits always come as a welcome surprise.

In the evenings exercise some moderation – but only because the excellent quality chocolate in BerryBon can invigorate you even at the end of a long day.

Who will enjoy BerryBon?

The sweet-toothed – because this is a dessert you can keep having, guilt-free

The less sweet-toothed – because the fresh, pleasantly sour and fruity taste will get to you

The health-conscious – because this is practically a forest fruit mix in chocolate coating, and it even hooks you up with vitamin D3.

The kids – because this super tasty vitamin bomb covered in chocolate is as if it was made for them – which partly happens to be the case.