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About us



 BerryBon +D3 is the first member of the first (and most liked) family of products by Le Bon Choice Ltd. We created our company because whenever anyone would like to have something sweet, we’d like there to be a better, healthier choice on the shelves, the table or the menu. A real alternative to the usual sweets, that doesn’t require you to compromise on the taste or anything else – it’s just as good, simply healthier. Just like the BerryBon.


Áth-Horváth Zsóka

The dreamer and experimental mind behind BerryBon, founder of the Tour de Zsokolat chocolate tours, and member of the grand jury of the International Chocolate Awards. Of course it’s one thing to get to know and guide people through the world’s best chocolates, and another to create a completely new product that can be mentioned on the same page. As Zsóka says:

I needed boldness and courage to get into this, and actually make it happen – because I dreamt up a combination that has never been done before on the chocolate market. We had to face several challenges, but finally the first vitamin bonbon was born: the BerryBon. But actually, the real challenge is only starting to begin: there are many new products yet to be developed, which I will always do with the same approach as I had to the BerryBon:

  • it should be delicious
  • made of high quality raw materials
  • be healthy and useful for us, and of course
  • be sexy, and in some way surprising and unexpected

That’s what I mean by Unexpect Everything!  

Contact Zsóka, if:

  • You have questions about the products
  • You would like to write about BerryBon
  • Have any question about the world of chocolates 

phone: +36-30-448-1814


Magyar Kata

The business half of BerryBon, the responsible for and unifier of all sales. Kata has already successfully represented excellent Hungarian desserts abroad, but when she first heard about the idea of BerryBon, she knew that this is love. It’s simply different if you truly believe that a product can make people’s lives better – because, as Kata says:

We sincerely believe that the consumption of excellent quality chocolate serves our health. We’d like to introduce this approach to as many people as possible through our products, and gain true fans along the way.

Contact Kata if:

  • You would like to carry BerryBon in your store
  • You have any questions about sales
  • You would like to represent BerryBon abroad
  • You have any questions about billing or any other financial issue